Flowers are what make the difference, be they themed settings where the whole venue is decorated to table arrangements and anything in between. Creating the perfect atmosphere to enchant your event. Nothing too big or too small, flowers are always the things that make the difference!

Workshops with Master Florists will combine theoretical and practical work to understand techniques and ideas and to practically manage them on your own. Workshops are personal and customized for sharing information and ideas in a creative atmosphere.

Coaching - setting up goals to work towards. Our Master Florists put together programs focusing on giving theoretical knowledge on your chosen subjects. Provide knowledge on how to reach your set goals, build your organization, planning, motivation and to create a winning team!

Our Master Florists custom-make demonstrations at your request, be they for small or larger audiences. They can be purely inspirational, world class floristically, entertaining shows with a focus on ideas, concepts and theory within the craft.

Master Florists can make a difference by adding the extra value you are looking for. This can be done in many ways! Let us come up with creative ideas for your promotional material. Form a creative sponsorship platform where we use your products in our demonstrations, workshops and in photography for our best selling books.

Our team of Master Florists can design your stands for exhibitions, creating the maximum attention for you and your products. We develop themes, artistic and technical solutions that you just have to see to believe! Together we can custom-make products for professionals as well as end consumers, putting in all our joint creativity and experience.